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We invite you to pamper your pet with Paw Sense Apothecary.

Paw Sense is a natural, botanical and pure ingredient based waterless pet shampoo. With therapeutic grade ingredients, Paw Sense believes that your pet care routine should be enjoyable, luxurious and relaxing. Paw Sense creates products that are plant based, safe and highly effective. We believe in the power of nature to nurture your pets everyday wellbeing.


No Mess. No Stress. All Natural.


How does it work?


Benefits Of Waterless Shampoo

Water is a precious commodity that we need to protect. We can preserve what we have for future generations by adopting a waterless washing lifestyle. There are many other benefits to using waterless pet shampoo.



"Love using this on my little dog in the winter months when it's too cold to give her a bath. It has a very nice smell. Easy to use!"

Tammy. D


"I thought dry shampoo for dogs was a little amusing, but was quite impressed after using it. Dogs get smelly.. Big Dog bath in the winter means cleaning the bathroom for 2 days afterwards at my house. Sprayed it on my big goofy dog, brushed him out, and he's cleaner, smelling good, and prances because he feels pretty. Great for between baths."

Catherine. E


"LOVE THIS! Smells super yummy and helps get the smell of dirt and dog out of my pup and house. My pup rolls in the grass so much this is a must have to get all those smells off her she picks up."

Annie. P


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