Here are the benefits you and your dog stand to gain from the use of

Paw Sense waterless pet shampoo:

MAINTENANCE: One of the best reasons to invest in a waterless dog shampoo is to make maintenance between main grooming sessions simple and fast.

Some dogs resist the washing process, so instead of trying to do it very frequently, you can plan main sessions with cleanings using a dry shampoo in between.

TRAVEL: We all love to include our pets on holidays where possible. Keeping your pet clean and fresh while away is made so simple when you can easily pack the Paw Sense waterless shampoo spray bottle. It takes up no room at all.

USE WITH DOGS WHO DO NOT LIKE WATER: if your dog makes the grooming process especially difficult by moving around too much or even getting aggressive, using a waterless shampoo is a practical alternative.

It will allow you to keep your dog’s coat free of dirt without forcing an unpleasant situation.

EASE OF USE: the whole point of waterless dog shampoos is the convenience they offer.

Washing your dog on a regular basis with standard shampoo and water takes a lot of time and effort, not to mention that some dogs may not be easy to groom.

Using our waterless shampoo is super simple. All you need to do is apply direct to your dog’s coat, rub it in, and brush your pet as usual.

PREVENT ALLERGIES: many standard shampoos trigger or further irritate skin allergies in dogs.

Our waterless shampoos are made with plant-based ingredients that are unlikely to cause irritation and may even be able to help treat existing skin allergies.

BETTER CLEAN: while a standard shampoo may provide a better clean in theory, if your dog is anxious or uncooperative during grooming, regular shampoo and water may not get the job done very well. Our dry shampoos may help you clean your dog’s coat more thoroughly than usual.

PUPPY FRIENDLY: if you have a new puppy, there’s a chance they may be afraid of the water, which will compromise your ability to get them sufficiently clean with a classic shampoo.

Scared puppies will not even realize it’s bath time when you use a dry shampoo.

ASSIST WITH LACK OF TIME OR SPACE: not everyone has a bathtub large enough to facilitate the functional grooming of their dog as well, and an outdoor hose is not always an option either.

If grooming space is one of the main issues you face when trying to wash your dog with standard shampoos, then Paw Sense waterless shampoo may be just the solution you’re looking for. Not to mention they save a lot of time.